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Future plans

The Institute has taken the responsibility of furthering all of its goals and activities on a yet larger scale. Thus our plans for the near future include:


Jewish Law and Thought Department

1. Establishment of a Bet Midrash of Halachic Masters

This will be a formal study and meeting place for senior Jewish scholars, under the supervision of a Rabbinical committee including the renowned Rabbis Ezriel Auerbach and Asher Weiss.

 2. Publication of halachic reviews on the following topics:

  • Organ transplants and extending life;
  • Attitudes toward nonobservant Jews;
  • Contemporary conversion policy;
  • The status of International Law in Jewish Law.

3. Lecture Series on the topics:

  • Ramban’s Torat HaAdam–This fundamental work on the treatment of the ill and the deceased will be used to advance the approach of studying these subjects from their initial sources in order to uncover basic principles that can then be applied to questions in modern-day life.
  • The Halachic Perspective – critiques on all contemporary halachic articles that present new ideas.

4. Publication of texts and reviews on the above topics.


Public Policy Studies Department

1. To conduct a major research project, of vital importance, reappraising the Torah-Community’s general policies In relation to the contemporary Jewish world.

2. To Hold a Conference of Torah Thinkers to discuss the legacy of the late ultra-orthodox spiritual leader, Hagaon Harav Elazar Menachem Man Shach, regarding Torah policies, attitudes and approaches to the wider Jewish world.

3. To Conduct comprehensive research regarding Fundamental Solutions to the Dangers of the Internet.

4. Establishment of a Journal of Torah Thought on Contemporary Issues.


Dialogue Department

1. Continuation of seminars to study issues related to Organ Transplants and Life-Prolonging Procedures, bringing together leading halachists with policy-makers of the Israeli medical establishment. The first of these has taken place on 18.06.2003, at Tel-Aviv’s Ichilov Medical Center.

2. Conference on the subject of Torah Approaches to Inter-Communal Dialogue. When the dialogue between religious and nonreligious Jews – a must in itself - is held without proper Torah guidelines it is bound to run into obstacles due to situations where it is seen to create more harm than good. To remedy the situation, the Institute is working to establish effective guidelines for Haredi dialogue efforts by organizing a conference on the topic, with the blessing of prominent Torah sage, Harav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv. At the conference, leading rabbis will address appropriate and inappropriate methods for conducting dialogue between religious and nonreligious Jews, and Haredi dialogists will exchange insights and experiences. It is expected that this conference will pave the way for more efficient and productive dialogue. 


Reference Library

The Institute plans to establish and operate a specialized reference library for the use of members of the Institute as well as the general public.

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