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Rabbinical Presidium

JICI was founded by the Ura Kevodi Association. From its inception in 1994, Ura Kevodi has enjoyed the formal blessing of one of Judaism’s foremost spiritual leaders, the sainted Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Auerbach, and the joint Presidency of:

Rabbi Shlomo Wolbe Doyen of the Spiritual Directors of the Yeshivot
Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg Head of a Rabbinical Court, Jerusalem
Rabbi Avraham Yaacov Friedman, Sadigger Rebbe Member of the Presidium, Council of Torah Sages of Agudat Yisrael
Rabbi Ben-Zion Rabinowitz, Biale-Lugano Rebbe Head of Biale Institutes, Jerusalem

JICI Members 

Rabbi Shmuel Jakobovits, Dean Founder of Ura Kevodi; Founding Member of the Presidium, Yachad Council for Secular-Religious Relations, affiliated to the State President’s Office
Rabbi Avraham Sherman, Senior Associate Rabbinical Judge, The Supreme Rabbinical Court of Israel; Member of the Yachad Council; Senior participant at the Dialogue Between Worlds Project
Rabbi Yecheskel Weinfeld, Senior Associate formerly Dean of Lev Avraham Yeshiva
Rabbi Dr. Gil Tivon Dean of Telz-Stone Kollel
Dr. David Rier, PH.D. Lecturer (Assistant Professor), Bar-Ilan University
Rabbi Eliezer Shore Researcher, Educator, Senior Editor
Rabbi Tomer Argaman Researcher, Educator
Nissan Levron Administrative Director of the JICI
Amihud Lerer Accounts Manager
Yisrael Spitzer Auditor

Rabbinical Board of The Center for Contemporary Halachic Issues

Rabbi Ezriel Auerbach Rabbi of Chanichei Hayeshivot Congregation, Jerusalem
Rabbi Asher Weiss Rabbi of Tchechenov Institutes, Head of Rabbinical Court, Jerusalem; Dean of Yeshivat Chatam Sofer, Bnei Brak

Rabbinical Steering Committee of the Public Policy Research Department
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Rabbi Shmuel Deutsch Kol Torah Yeshiva, Jerusalem
Rabbi Nathan Zuchovsky Geon Yaakov Yeshiva, Bnei Brak
Rabbi Elyahu Ben-Shlomo Ohel Yaakov Yeshiva, Bnei Brak
Rabbi Yitzchak M. Weinberg, Tolna Rebbe Sfat Emet Yeshiva, Jerusalem
Rabbi Meir Luria Kollel Chelkat Yaakov, Bnei Brak
Rabbi Elyahu Abba Shaul Dean, Or Lezion Yeshiva, Jerusalem

Ura Kevodi Board Directorship

Rabbi Shlomo Pappenheim, Chairman Member of the Eda Charedit Directorship
Rabbi Yaacov Kleinman Editor of major Rabbinical works
Rabbi Yaacov Weiner Head of the Jerusalem Institute of Medicine and Halacha

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