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Rabbi Shmuel Jakobovits      

Rabbi Shmuel Jakobovits (52) graduated from the Ponevez Yeshiva in B’nei B’rak, Israel and received ordination as Rabbi and Dayan (Rabbinical Judge) at the Harry Fischel Institute in Jerusalem. He is a son of the late Chief Rabbi of Great Britain, Harav Lord Immanuel Jakobovits.

Present Positions

Founder and Dean
Ura Kevodi, Association of the Ultra-Orthodox for the Study of Contemporary Jewish Issues
The Harav Lord Jakobovits Torah Institute of Contemporary Issues
Ura Kevodi was founded in 1994 with the blessings of the leading Torah sages in Israel and abroad. The central aims of Ura Kevodi are: “To promote the involvement of Jewish religious scholars and thinkers in the non-coercive, non-political resolution of contemporary issues; to engage in dialogue with thinkers, leaders and educators from all sectors of the Jewish population in Israel and around the world; and to establish and manage the requisite institutions to advance the aforesaid aims.”

Within the framework of Ura Kevodi Rabbi Jakobovits has pursued his research and analysis of modern-day strategic issues pertaining to Jewish society and its relationship with the wider world. In addition, Rabbi Jakobovits has been actively promoting constructive dialogue with high-level Israeli thinkers and key-figures.

In recognition of its contribution to Israeli society, Rabbi Jakobovits has received on behalf of Ura Kevodi The 1999 Award for Promotion of Secular-Religious Dialogue from the Chairman of the Israeli Parliament, and the written support of the President of Israel, and former Supreme Court President, Justice Meir Shamgar, among others.

Recently the activities of Ura Kevodi have culminated in the establishment in Jerusalem of The Harav Lord Jakobovits Torah Institute of Contemporary Issues, which with its six major departments is designed to carry out the aforementioned aims on a larger scale.

Co-Founder and Member of Presidium
The Yachad Council For Secular-Religious Relations
The statutory YachadCouncil was established by an Israeli government act and is affiliated with the Israeli Presidency. It is comprised of prominent scholars and thinkers from all segments of Israeli society, and meets regularly to discuss issues affecting modern life in Israel and relationships between society and State, including issues such as Sabbath observance and organ transplants. Although the Council is strictly non-political, it makes formal recommendations to Israeli State institutions and members of Parliament. 

Founder and Chairman
The Conference of Torah Thinkers
This is a forum of preeminent Rabbis and Ultra-Orthodox thinkers whose purpose is to examine the far-reaching contemporary challenges facing the Torah community.

Co-Founder and Chairman
Dialogue Between Worlds Project
The project brings together prominent Rabbis and secular thinkers to hold discussions on the crucial issues facing Jewry today. It is held in collaboration with the Van-Leer Jerusalem Institute.

Co-Founder and Co-Director
Preparation of Torah Leaders for Inter-Communal Dialogue - Training Course
The course is designed to train Ultra-Orthodox Rabbis, educators, media professionals and public figures to develop the necessary skills for positive and constructive dialogue with the secular segment of society. It is held in Jerusalem in cooperation with Manof, the Center for Jewish Information.

Committee Advisor
Partnership 2000 Jerusalem – New York
The Partnership is a joint project of the Jerusalem Inter-Cultural Center, the UJA, the Jewish Agency, and the Jerusalem Municipality, and aims to fund and advance community projects aimed at promoting dialogue and partnerships between diverse groups in Israeli society, with emphasis on resolving pressing social problems and community leadership training.

Researcher and Editor
The Harry Fischel Institute, Ariel Institutes, Jerusalem 

Past Positions


Co-editor of the Artscroll Schottenstein Talmud (Hebrew edition)


Member of the government-appointed Zameret Committee For Religious-Secular Relationships, Jerusalem


Member of the Forum For Religious-Secular Relationships, at the Israel Institute of Democracy, chaired by former Chief Justice Shamgar. Rabbi Jakobovits presented to the forum a proposal for Autonomous Communities – Common National Infrastructure. This proposal has become the foundation for discussions on this topic in a number of committees and frameworks.


Co-founder and steering-committee member of the Toward a National Consensus forum. The forum was attended by 400 people of diverse backgrounds who discussed issues of joint concern, with the aim of maintaining peace and brotherhood between opposing groups of Jews.


Member of a committee formed by the Minister for Israeli Society and the Jewish world at the Prime Minister’s office, whose work culminated in the formation of The Yachad Council by an Israeli Government Act


Halachic Principles Regarding Fetuses and the Terminally Ill
This treatise has become the basis for ongoing study on these issues in cooperation with senior scholars such as Rabbi Nechemiah Goldberg, Rabbi Avigdor Nebentzal, and Rabbi Shmuel Eliezer Stern.  

The Haredi Position
This paper explains the positions of the Torah community and was presented to the World Conference of Orthodox Leadership. The paper summarizes the ultra-orthodox positions on a range of vital issues, including the centrality of Torah to the Jewish people, the unity of the Jewish nation, and the Ultra-Orthodox attitude to the State of Israel. The paper has generated much discussion on these issues.

The Ultra-Orthodox Position Regarding the State of Israel

The Ultra-Orthodox Vision - Collected Essays, Position Papers and Lectures

Can there be Ideological Dialogue Between the Religious and Secular Jews in Israel?

Dialogue in Jerusalem? –Proceedings of “A Meeting with Ultra-Orthodox Thinkers” at the City Hall of Jerusalem, 1995
(as contributor and editor)

Jewish Solidarity: Antidote to Assimilation – Selected Essays of a Haredi Spokesman in Dialogue with All Sectors of the Jewish People

Ahavat Torah – a Compendium of Torah Essays
(As editor)

Mihsnat Hasar – a Collection of the Hebrew Writings Of Harav Lord Jakobovits
(As editor; published by Mossad Harav Kook)

Rashi Hashalem
(As co-editor, at Ariel Institutes, vols. 1-5)

The Schottenstein Talmud (Hebrew edition)
(As co-editor of vols. 1-7)

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