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Get Involved

Here are some ways you can join in the efforts of JICI:

Send Us Your Thoughts

Your responses to the Institute’s ideas are important to us.
We invite you to e-mail us your comments, criticism and suggestions.

Join our e-mail list

The institute will send information on recent events at the Institute, news, selected literature and the like to those who join our mailing list.
Send us an E-mail and indicate you would like to join.

Volunteer Study Program

An Opportunity To Learn And Contribute

The large-scale objectives that the Institute has undertaken calls for input from capable and dedicated volunteers.

Positions are open for involvement in the Institute’s unique Study and Research Projects, and general assistance. Volunteers will receive help and guidance from distinguished scholars and thinkers associated with the Institute.

We are looking especially for sincere, non-prejudiced individuals, both secular and religious, from the academic world, with a strong commitment to the unity and welfare of Jewish society.

We are open to innovative ideas and suggestions. The actual terms of volunteer involvement are flexible.

Overseas candidates are also welcome.

If you would like to be involved in any way in our activities, please call, email or fax Director Nissan Levron
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Tel: 972 - 2 - 540-1057
Mobile: 972 - 56 - 748528
Fax: 972 - 2 - 5401058


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