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President of the State of Israel, Moshe Katzav

Torah Institute representatives Rabbi Shmuel Jakobovits, Rabbi Avraham Sherman and Nissan Levron were received by President Katzav on July 30, 2003 at his office for a meeting in which the President was acquainted more closely with the Institute’s activities and underlying philosophy.
In the discussion that ensued the President expressed his concern for the positive resolving of central issues involving Israeli and world Jewry, and the urgent need to promote dialogue and understanding between the different parts of society.
President Katzav declared his enthusiasm and support of the Institute’s mission and wrote the letter of support that follows.

original 2-page letter from
President Moshe Katzav




Jerusalem, 12 August 2003
14th Av, 5763

Rabbi Shmuel Jakobovits.
Harav Lord Jakobovits Institute of Contemporary Issues
Beit Tovei Hair,
36 Malchai Yisrael Street,
Jerusalem 95501

Dear Rabbi Jakobovits,

Re: Your Letter of the 15th Tammuz 5763

I wish to thank you for the report you kindly sent me on the extensive undertakings of the Harav Lord Jakobovits Institute of Contemporarv Issues of the “Ura Kevodi” organization, named after your late father, Rabbi Lord Yisrael (Emanuel) Jakobovits, the leader and Chief Rabbi of British Jewry, and to congratulate you on your widespread activities.

The growing chasm between those maintaining the Torah and the commandments and the free thinkers harms our society and endangers our national strength. There is great national importance in building bridges between the various sectors of society, in maintaining and strengthening the Jewish-democratic character of the state and in attaining internal solidarity.

I support the aims you have set for yourselves and identify with your point of view regarding the supreme obligation of Haredi society to preserve the Torah in its purity in Israel, which includes the obligation to maintain the internal unity and Jewish identity of the entire House of Israel.

Indeed there is a necessity to an extensive survey of the situation and a deep examination of the course in order to be able to present viable possibilities to the Great Rabbis and to obtain their support.

I wish you and your colleagues every success in the new, responsible and courageous path you are paving for Haredi society, aimed at promoting discussions, understanding and peace between all sectors in Israel.

Yours sincerely,

Moshe Katzav

More Photos of the Meeting Between
Israel’s President Moshe Katzav and
Harav Lord Jakobovits Torah Institute Representatives


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