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Uri Lapolianski, Mayor of JerusalemApprobation

Rabbi Uri Lupolianksi

Mayor of Jerusalem


 Municipality of Jerusalem

November 6th, 2003

Rabbi Shmuel Jakobovits
Dean of the Torah Institute of Contemporary Issues
In Memory of Harav Lord Yisrael (Immanuel) Jakobovits

Rabbi Shmuel Jakobovits,

For several years already I have been familiar with, and greatly appreciative of your extensive and unique activities in dialoguing with thinkers and influential people in Israeli society and in the Jewish World. These have served to elevate the standing of Torah in Israel and help preserve solidarity and peace among all the groups comprising the Jewish People – and all this is done in association with the leading Rabbinical Sages.

Two years ago you founded, with the involvement of important rabbis, the "Torah Institute of Contemporary Issues", in the name of your father, zatsal, a person who had the merit of raising the stature of Torah throughout the world. The Institute's aim is to be a center where Torah scholars will deal systematically with contemporary issues in the fields of Halacha, public policy and dialogue.

At a time when many crucial issues are on the public agenda – such as the question of the character of the Sabbath in the state of Israel, "obligatory core studies" in Israel's schools, conversion of new immigrants from Russia and their integration in Israeli society – there is no doubt that the establishment of such an institute is a very important undertaking.

The city of Jerusalem is blessed, therefore, with this pioneering institute, and I am happy to support its development. I call upon all those who can to do so offer financial assistance to the Institute, with funding from government sources as well as from private sources or foundation grants.

Needless to say, the Jerusalem Municipality will assist in the development of the Institute and its programs in any possible way.


Uri Lupolianski

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